Our Porsche Team

Our Porsche Brand Ambassadors will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance during your purchase and service experience.

  • Stephen L. Germain | Dealer Principal

    Phone:   734-761-3200

  • JP Lammers | General Manager

    Providing a quality customer experience is my number one priority.
    Being that Ann Arbor is such a small community, everyone knows
    everyone, and word of mouth is an essential element in our
    business. By providing a quality experience each and every time
    we can take advantage of the closeness of our community as
    another marketing tool. Raised in Ann Arbor, I graduated from
    Pioneer High School of Ann Arbor and Eastern Michigan
    University. I started my career in the management and technology
    consulting industry spending 5 years in this field. Ten years ago I
    chose to move into the automotive industry. Away from the
    dealership I enjoy athletics and playing with my three children. I
    hope you will allow us the opportunity to earn your business.

    Phone:   734-761-3200 ext 224

    Email:   jp@germain.com

  • Jay Douglas | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

    I have been selling Porsche since 2010. I am a certified Porsche Brand Ambassador. My experience has been selling German sports cars for over a decade in metro Detroit. I live in Ann Arbor with my family. I enjoy fishing, golf, home improvements and investing. I grew up in a small town dreaming about selling sports cars. My goal is to create an unforgettable experience for every customer. I believe that a world class product like Porsche deserves world class service.

    Phone:   734.327.1572

    Contact directly at:   734.327.1572

    Mobile:   248.808.5577

    Fax:   734.761.8587

    Email:   jdouglas@germainmotorco.com

  • Eric Gedeon | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

    I have been selling Porsche since 2002. I am a certified Porsche Brand Ambassador. I am very active in PCA. I enjoy spending time with my family and reading books. I look forward to exceeding your expectations and putting you behind the wheel of a Porsche.

    Phone:   734.327.1516

    Contact directly at:   734.327.1516

    Fax:   734.761.8587

    Email:   egedeon@germainmotorco.com

  • Kashaka Fields | Finance Manager

    Kashaka Fields started with Porsche of Ann Arbor in 2012. He is a family man and a father of 4 great kids. Kashaka has been married to his wife Ruth for nearly two decades. He loves Porsche and making sure his customers are happy. You will often hear the laughs and see the smiles coming out of his office.

    Phone:   734.926.4231

    Contact directly at:   734.926.4231

    Fax:   734.761.8587

    Email:   kfields@germainmotorco.com

  • Phil Kaiser | Service Advisor

    Hello, my name is Phil Kaiser Service Advisor for Porsche of Ann Arbor. I have been in the automotive industry for eleven years. During my tenure as a service advisor I have obtained the highest certification in Porsche and have received the Porsche Ambassador certification. I believe our customers are what fuels our business and they allow us to continue our growth I the automotive business. When I am away from the dealership I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy anything to do with sports. I look forward to working with you the next time you are in for service.

    Phone:   734.926.4245

    Contact directly at:   734.926.4245

    Fax:   734.761.8587

    Email:   pkaiser@germainmotorco.com

  • Danny Young | Porsche Gold Meister Technician

    Sometimes Danny Young misses the friends he's made around the country--and overseas--while he periodically trains to repair Porsches. But the 42-year-old technician, who has been working on Porsches at Porsche of Ann Arbor for an amazing 20 years, now enjoys weekend autocross events in his 944 Turbo and coaching his son racing go-karts, and he's been a Porsche club member for the past three years. Growing up in the Detroit area, his father was a General Motors lifetime employee, and Danny admits as a youth he went through a phase of Firebird and Camaro lust, although his first car was an air-cooled '76 Volkswagen Beetle with fuel injection that he learned to maintain.

    Email:   dyoung@germainmotorco.com

  • Michael Davis | Fixed Operations Manager

    Mike Davis has been at the Germain Ann Arbor Porsche, Audi and VW location since June, 1996, after a short career that included a stint as a car salesman in Rochester Hills. These days he has personally owned more than 25 cars. “VWs are the coolest cars to drive,” he says, and speaks of his 2013 Jetta GLI as an example. He's had Audis, and when he was young he had a few Jeeps. His first car, says the Michigan native, was a 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle that he restored with his father, and he remains sentimental about it. Davis lives near Ann Arbor, although he has travelled in the U.S. for Porsche Audi and VW ride and drive training events, and to study the cars and parts he sells for the Germain dealerships.

    Phone:   734.327.1510

    Email:   mdavis@germainmotorco.com